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BBL Championship 2015-16

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Current Ladder

1Esh Group Eagles Newcastle880745586159168127.134040WWWWW
2Leicester Riders660490361129126135.733030WWWWW
3Worcester Wolves76157354231124105.724021LWWWW
4Surrey Scorchers532380409-296192.912111WLWLW
5London Lions633495459366-1107.841221WLLWL
6Manchester Giants835650679-296195.731124LLLLW
7Cheshire Phoenix835639698-596-491.550332WLLLL
8Sheffield Sharks62451851624-1100.391410LLWWL
9Glasgow Rocks624435473-384-291.971113WLWLL
10Bristol Flyers725540548-84198.541312LLWLW
11Leeds Force826504647-1434-377.902204WWLLL
12Plymouth University Raiders505386437-510-588.330302LLLLL

Last Uploaded : Mon 2-Nov-2015 08:39:27

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