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Being a teacher and a well versed student I always get asked “what Zumba clothing should I wear?” I remember how intimidating it can be for beginners starting Zumba and knowing what Zumba clothing to wear. Having an Superdry clothing understanding of what to expect and wear is always a great comfort as your ease yourself in. Zumba is a wonderful dance program that was created by the renowned choreographer and dancer Alberto Perez. Created in the mid 1990’s in Colombia, this program has recently seen a great surge in popularity, popping up in studios, gyms and exercise houses all over the country. Zumba combines international music and latin themes with dance to make exercise not only fun but upbeat and energizing. Classes use music and movements based on reggaeton, merengue, salsa and cumbia. The diverse choices of music keeps you on your toes and your body’s rhythm up. Zumba is a really exciting aerobic exercise that brings upbeat music together with dance moves creating a total body workout. As it utilizes high levels of intensity training, Zumba has the capacity to burn huge amounts of calories in short increments of time. Having fun, learning new dance moves, listening to upbeat wonderful music and bettering your physical health, an A+ combination.

Picking your Zumba clothing outfits is an important first step in all forms of exercise, especially in Zumba, as you need to have full body ability to jump, dance and leap at a moments notice. When you are choosing your Zumba clothing make sure your choices are ones that will not interfere with any of your exercise movements. Activewear pants, shorts, and capris can all be worn with relative ease. Tee shirts, tank tops and exercise tops of different styles should stretch with your body and not inhibit you in any way. Remember Zumba is meant to be fun and freeing, and your zumba clothing should reflect this. Bright colors, fun trendy patterns and materials are upbeat creative ways to spice up your wardrobe. Choosing a wicking material is a really good choice, to keep you dry throughout the cardio activity you will be doing keeping you looking, and feeling as fresh as when you entered the class as when you leave.

Taking good care of your feet is very important in aerobic exercises, especially dance oriented aerobics. Choose socks that are a good quality thickness to provide a nice barrier against any blisters. Socks should fit snugly, but not create pressure on your toes.

There are many lines of Zumba clothing available today. They come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. Style’s that incorporate patterns, piping and trendy accents are a great way to bring everyday fashion into your activewear. Don’t be afraid to let your style show looking your best at all times. The most popular Zumba clothing lines include but are not limited to cargo pants, colorful tank tops and fitted tee shirts. For beginners, a great tip is to layer for your first few classes. That way you can add or remove layers to achieve your goal comfort level. Women need to take note of activewear bras for Zumba. Find a supportive bra for this activity. Points to look for in a good activewear bra are ones that restrict movement, wick away perspiration and deter any chaffing.

Looking your best in your Zumba clothing will make you feel worlds better and it will enhance the party-like atmosphere you are seeking. Don’t be afraid to kick back, cut loose and really have a good time. Keep your spirits upbeat and confidence even higher, your will be looking your best and going to have an excellent time. Having your chin held high as you walk into your first class with enhance your overall experience. Being that so many people go to Zumba classes in boring clothes, expecting the class to be bland and boring creating a negative atmosphere. Go ahead and look good, feel great and have fun; Zumba is meant to be enjoyed! Enjoy your Zumba clothing!

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